Analogue Education

The path to become digital strengthens with focus on the digitization of things.
A strong emerging business area, devices and even clothing are now providing telemetry to ‘enhance’ life with the Internet Of Things(IOT).  Gaming simulations compete with real life.  The neck becomes a most stressed part of the body as our focus becomes the oblongs in our hands.

In the formal education space, students no longer do experiments to test out real world hypothesis.  Simulations and videos have replaced the act of rolling a toy car down a ramp to calculate gravity.

So what about analogue things?  The physical touch(no, not just the key feedback of your smart phone) that is a characteristic of analogue is becoming less and less.

I envision a future emphasis on Analogue Education where the focus  is on the physical and the tactile.  The experiential and the learning by doing



I listened to Kathleen Wynne in CBC this morning.  Whenever I hear a politician say “jobs”, I cringe.

It is a blatant self serving effort on their part to preserve their job.  (maybe most are fooled into believing the ruse)

Their role is to administer and run the business of the level of government they are mandated to operate for NOW.

Do your job NOW, and maybe at the end of the term your results will demonstrate the need to allow you to continue.  Yes, I read the role of first minister included leading “…Jobs and Economic Policy Committee[3]…” :https//

Create good infrastructure and business will do the rest. Do what you were elected to do.  The ‘jobs’ and economic prosperity will come.

Now the question, where it the limit in government’s involvement in infrastructure?

Beyond our means, means unsustainable.

I read this last night.  The quote from Ronald Reagan made me think, maybe you and I should stop living beyond our means.

“You and I, as individuals, can, by borrowing, live beyond our means, but for only a limited period of time. Why, then, should we think that collectively, as a nation, we’re not bound by that same limitation? …” — Ronald Reagan

The individual impacts the collective to do unsustainable things.  He does say ‘only for a limited time’.  However, each successive generation asks for their share of ‘means’.  Their entitlement.   This has the entitlement attitudes proliferating perpetually.

Maybe it is why we accept the “throw away” products of today and ignore its lasting effect as garbage in the system.


Continuing The Journey…

IBMer Friends and Colleagues,

Over 29 years with an over 105 year old lady says something!  Contributing to almost a third of an organization’s life is a commitment from both parties.

The IBM Company has contributed greatly to who I have become.  I am sure that I have contributed greatly to what the IBM Company is today.  

            That’s the business side.  However, it is the people that matter most.  

Yes, a corporation may be a ‘person’.  However, relationships are with people, real flesh and blood human beings.

             That is what I will miss the most!

The journey I embarked upon so many years ago has allowed me to be touched by each of you, and I am sure I did some touching too ;-).  

You have helped me grow; you challenged me; you made me laugh out loud; you might have angered me(maybe even made me cry); you shared your expertise; you may have been a face I engaged with resulting in a relationship; or a leader who inspired me.

             I thank each of you for shaping me.

It has been a great ride and I am glad we had a chance to share the scenery while moving forward!

My IBM life has been one of destiny and serendipity.  How I got to meet many of you was due to a pivotal event for which I had no control.  I landed here through an act of destiny.   Ask me about the story one day.

With destiny there is no control. You have to flex with the way the universe’s plan for you unfolds.

I am looking forward to this next phase of my life, as I have always wondered what I will be when I grow up.  😉

Thank you to all of you who have stopped by or sent a note to remind me of a shared experience and wished me well.  All the best for what you are doing and are to do.  

      Badging out! And continuing the journey.

      Ro                  My last day in the office will be Friday June 24th.

                            Stay in touch @   Blog   @rohanomrow    LinkedIn

Que Sera Sera


This song came to my mind as people ask me what I will be doing as I retire  from the IBM Company.

I was never ‘…just a little girl…’.  However, I have been known to say “a girl’s allowed to change her mind…”.

I can say I am an open book, with pages still unwritten.

In the ‘undecided’ camp for the big vote.  Ready to be convinced of a direction.

I can be swayed by the winds of change.

I am looking forward to what my curiosity sparks and I will be having fun with it.